PMU Eyeliner

Permanent Makeup Training

PMU Eyeliner


SALE PRICE $1400/-

The upper and lower eyeliner can be used to change the shape of the eye. Weather you want your eye to appear larger or smaller, we can give you the perfect definition to match your style. The primary reason is to give your lashes a fuller lush look also draws attention to your eyes.

We teach you the full procedure with loads of practise and training on fake skin day one and work on a live model with instructor supervision on day two. We give extensive guidelines through your journey with advice on how to build your brand, grow your business, pricing strategies, social media marketing and more. Our two day course includes health and safety, blood borne pathogen certification and legalities to begin your business. We are here for you on every step of your way and offer advanced courses for an addition charge. Terms and conditions apply.

All students must complete a practical evaluation and all prerequisites before completion and certification.

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